Premium Organic Tea

Royal Relish Tea is grown in the world's highest Organic Tea Garden Et handpicked by our staff. As grown at the altitude of 8600 feet above sea level, our Tea is enriched with pure oxygen. Our authentic organic grooming method gives the Royal Relish Tea, a unique flavor, rich aroma and tantalizing taste. Our stringent quality procedures ensure that you get only the premium quality tea in your hands.

Unique & Incomparable Facts..
* World's Highest Grown Tea.
* Grown at an altitude of 2640 meters (8661 feet)
* Genuine 100% Organic
* Produced & Processed in the conventional Way Since 1900 to retain the unique aroma and taste
* Single Estate Tea

Quality is a Matter of Trust

Buying tea is a matter of trust, and trust is earned throught transparency. This idea is simple enough, but in the international tea market creating transparency is no easy task. Worldwide, over eight billion pounds of tea were produced last year.

A Little simple math would reveal that this staggering amount would provide each person on the planet with a cup of tea every day for the entire year.

The pyramid at right illustrates how one might broadly divide world tea production. The majority of the tea (56.0%) produced around the globe is of what would widely be considered Average quality, with an additional 43.5% being considered simply "Above Average." This leaves a mere half of one percent or approximately 200 tons of high quality tea for savvy buyers across the world to vet and secure.

Our preference is to trade personally with the growers / owners of the tea gardens themselves, thus ensuring that quality is the paramount consideration. We understand the effort and expense it takes to produce exceptional tea and that these factors must be reflected in the price.

Royal Relish....

Located high on the slopes of Western Ghats of India, is arguably the estate with the highest grown tea in the world! Started in the early 1900s the estate produces tea using the orthodox method in the time tested tea factory. Little has changed here since the colonial planters left leaving behind their legacy of one of the best quality tea you can get in India

Manufactruring Unit is Awarded Golden leaf India Awards
In 2001, 2004 & 2009

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