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Royal Merchant is a team of leaders with a vision to reach people from every walk of life by easy transaction solutions in banking with the end Goal of becoming a leading transaction service provider for all financial requirements across India.

We bring to the table ample opportunities for people in form of employment and entrepreneurship. Our solution touches people from Urban to Rural, tailor made specific for that region so that transactions involving Banking, Mobile, POS, ATM and other such, are made with ease and efficiency.

We want to assist Indian villages in the quest to reignite the 'Golden Sparrows Era' by recreating manufacturing hubs.

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Sunil Singh RM344052 Manish Kumar RM305488 Santosh Sharma RM327690 Anuj Pandey RM405623 Aditi Kumari RM346022 Nisha Srivastav RM346611

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Trusted Partners

IDFC Bank has an equity stake.
RBL Bank, Axis Bank, YES Bank,
Finopayment Bank

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Transaction volumes are doubling every six months

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Safe, Secure & reliable bank quality systems built by technologists who built Aadhaar

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